Building A Timber Frame

We often get asked to design and build oak frames for accommodation uses. This type of building provides a wonderful environment to live in, the warmth and tactical feel an oak frame provides is incomparable to other materials.

If your embarking on a habitable timber framed project then here’s 5 simple pointers to get you started:

  1. Involve a timber frame company that has timber frame design capabilities from the outset, they have the experience to create a design inline with your budget. They know calculations regarding beam loads and where posts should be positioned etc. All of this experience ensures your projects gets off to an efficient start.
  2. Consider beam sizes, the structural size requirements will be determined by the frame designer but beyond this is the aesthetics, consider where the key visible oak post and beam will feature and then consider increasing sizes to create a grander effect within your design. Remember you have to live with these features and large oak beams are very striking when substantially positioned in key places.
  3. Think about cleaning or sand blasting the frame, this process cleans the oak nicely and is not something you wish to entertain as an afterthought. The process of cutting and transporting a frame can cause scuffs and/or saw blade marks, this can look unsightly if they remain on show.
  4. Consider the effects of combining other materials with the oak to lift its presentation. This can really enhance the finish, a bit of Google image searching can pay dividends here. Some really nice combined effects can be created with the use of stone, polished steel, and plastered in-fill panels when utilised.
  5. When comparing prices, pay particular respect to the specification. Most importantly  timber sizes, also check what timbers are used because there is considerable differences between softwood and oak, often framing companies can substitute studwork with softwood to trim their costs. Check where handmade features are curved verses straight cut alternatives. It is also likely that the framing company will provide all of your joinery, again there is vast differences in joinery standards all of which will compromise the longevity of your build. Were write about this in our next blog as we feel it is important to cover the joinery in more detail.

See this excellent article on timber frame building which captures the benefits, not just in oak framing but in timber framing across the board.