Film Day

We took a call from WoodLands TV channel, after discussing what they were interested in, they kindly requested to come along with their film crew and make a short film about our Classic Barns. Naturally we said yes, then went into action mode figuring out which job looked best, did the lads have new uniforms and what was the weather going to be like etc.

On the day, we lined up a lovely two bay barn, which had bespoke features all around it. The location was in Petersfield with rolling views across the countryside, the scene was set. Rather than being scripted, we wanted to be natural and just answer interviews as they rolled. After the first hour you couldn’t get us away from the camera because we just kept coming up with more ideas on which crafted elements to show people. Come the end of the shoot the joinery arrived and so we took some shots of this being fitted and then wrapped up for the day.

We have to say, we are very grateful to our client for being such a good sport in allowing disruption around their property in such a quiet setting. The films went out this month and already lots of viewers comments are flooding in. The experience was positive and we are looking to repeat this again sometime in the future. Filming our product and the process is a really excellent way to show people the craftsmanship and all that goes on behind the scenes.

Here’s our short film – Building Classic Oak Barns.