How To Finish Oak Garages – YouTube

Design and presentation is so important when creating an oak garage building fit to last for centuries. In this short film your see a sequence of clips show-casing an array of Classic Oak Garages, this film take you closer to the detail both inside and out to get a real representation of the benefits in each of our Classic Barns. There are many oak framed garages on the market, but few pay particular respect to design and detail, if you look closely your see the hand made finishes the carpenters deploy throughout the oak frame, along with special finishing touches such as hardwood joinery with large wrought ironmongery and chunky oak center pieces left on display.

Our work can be found all over the Southern Counties of the UK, mainly focused around Hampshire, Sussex, Wiltshire and Surrey. We are constantly adding to the design range that we offer and it is always worth checking in to see what’s new and what others are having built.

We hope you enjoy this film as much as we did making it, there is something quite rewarding about finishing a job and then showing interested viewers a presentation afterwards.

How to finish an oak garage

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Thanks for watching.

The Classic Barn Team