Timber Garage Hertfordshire
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Hertfordshire Oak Garage
Oak Garage in Hertfordshire
Hertfordshire Oak framed Garage
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Timber Garage Hertfordshire

Traditional oak framed garages built in Hertfordshire…

Hertfordshire oak garagesBased in Hertfordshire our company provides a comprehensive range of oak garages and oak framed buildings renowned for build quality, design and detail. We can deliver a full support programme from start to completion and ensure you receive a well proportioned oak frame which fits your requirements with the least possible disruption. When considering an oak framed garage compare our detail.

All our timber is supplied in the UK from sustainable sources governed by the Forestry authorities and are cut and crafted on our own premises so that we have complete control over product quality right up to the oak frame standing proudly in your chosen location. Our craftsmen will carefully erect the frame on site. You’ll be delighted to see that you will be installing a substantial and attractive building reflecting the beauty and strength of oak. Our company can also handle planning and building regulation applications with the Hertfordshire planning office on your behalf or work with your chosen architect, thus ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience in the design through to the finished build.¬† Being located in Hertfordshire of course means that we are little more than one hour away from your door. Contact us to receive one of our full colour brochures and for a free no obligation quotation. We are always available to discuss your project and are only too pleased to be of service.

“Our neighbours have been admiring our splendid oak garage, we would like to thank you once again for your companies friendly and professional service.”

Mr Poole, Little Gaddesden Hertfordshire

estate in hertfordshire with an oak frame