Building a Timber Frame Garage – as shown on ITV.

Earlier this year we were featured on ITVs “The Home Game” with Linda Barker. The program is designed to demonstrate various options for improving your home, with the aim of finding out how much uplift you can add to the value of the home. At the start an estate agent comes to value the home and then the homeowners carry out the work and the estate agent comes back to re-value the property.

The aim of the game is to be the person who stands to make the most profit from the home improvement they have carried out.

In this episode the owners of a classic car wanted to build a large timber framed garage, made from green oak, at their home on the border of Yorkshire. Who better to provide this service than The Classic Barn Company and our amazingly skilled craftsmen!

Linda Barker walks you through the homeowners’ journey of the construction of their timber garage, whilst showcasing the oak frame features in and around the building. She takes a look at the process from start to finish, from ground works through to constructing the frame and roof. An estate agent then re-values the house including its new timber garage – the moment of truth for the homeowners.

This particular timber frame garage was filmed in Gringley on the Hill, Doncaster, UK and features our Extra-wide timber construction which is ideal for classic car owners.

ITV's The Home Game

Linda Barker presents the Home Game, featuring The Classic Barn Company.

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