4 Bay L-Shaped Garage B&W
Rear Elevation of Oak Framed Double Garage B&W
Oak Framed Car Port With Room Above-2
3 Bay Timber Framed Garage With Room Above-2
large oak beam
4 Bay L-Shaped Garage B&W

Handmade Garage Doors (& Gates)

All of our timber garage doors are handmade to order from select quality hardwoods such as iroko, these traditional timber doors are then frame, ledge and braced to reinforce the rear for unprecedented stability before being sealed twice with two coats of oil protection. Across the front, the garage door is hung using three long hinges. These evenly brace and control movement often experienced in large timber garage doors. By adopting this standard we produce a superior, more solid and stable garage door than lesser alternatives – particularly those with only two short hinges and no reinforcement.

Look closely and you will see how
our craftsmen then finishes off each garage door with rows of traditional rose head nail detail running across the front sections. We believe this attention to detail continues the standard of finishing found in our Classic Barns and is appreciated by the client for years to come.


All of our traditional garage doors are made to measure and feature our classic, chunky wrought iron fixtures and fittings.
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Our timber barn doors and gates can be automated; we provide an installation service when handling the full Classic Barn works. We have approached the use of automation discreetly to minimise its visual impact, in order to protect the integrity of our traditional designs.