How To Build A Classic Outbuilding – YouTube

Here we see Andrew and some of the team showing you how to build a Classic Outbuilding at a location in West Sussex. The producers of Woodlands TV came down and spent a day filming to see the build process and the key elements presented by the carpenters. This particular oak building features bespoke elements built into the design and explains how the jointing methods are deployed along with the joinery and finishing touches.

The build process begins with some pointers to how the ground works are assessed first, this is then followed by the correct damp proofing procedure to ensure the frame is not effected by the upward transfer of water, an important consideration that can often be over looked. The framing elements then follows and this YouTube film walks you through how the installation looks mid-way and then again towards the end, before the cladding finally encloses the frame. The build process is fast tracked through this video to cover those key areas to consider when building an oak barn.

If you would like to know how to build an oak barn to a high standard at your home or have The Classic Barn Company build one for you, then get in touch after watching this video.

How To Building Classic Oak Barns – YouTube

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