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Introducing GoGoGate Smart Automation

Introducing GoGoGate Smart Automation, a ‘smart app’ for finger tip control to your automated garage doors. Read more »

How To Finish Oak Garages – YouTube

Design and presentation is so important when creating an oak garage building fit to last for centuries. In this short film your see a sequence of clips show-casing an array of Classic Oak Garages, this film take you closer to the detail both inside and out to get a real representation of the benefits in each of our Classic Barns. Read more »

How To Build A Classic Outbuilding – YouTube

Here we see Andrew and some of the team showing you how to build a Classic Outbuilding at a location in West Sussex. Read more »

How To Make Beautifully Crafted Oak Buildings – YouTube

Every oak framed building company differs, as does each client. Furthermore the clients aspirations and needs are underpinned by their budgetary requirements. For those who wish to have an oak frame that represents outstanding quality, one that is built with longevity in mind then here are some of the areas to look into. Read more »

Finalists in The Buildit Awards

We are proud to have been nominated to the last 3 finalists in the prestigious Builtit Awards for our Handmade Timber Doors. Read more »

Introducing Our Classic Pool Buildings

The Guild of Master Craftsmen have kindly featured us in there news feed showing visuals for our latest oak framed pool building design. Here’s a preview we launched showing visuals of the design concept were soon to work on in 2016 for an undisclosed client in the South of the UK.

Read more »

Film Day

We took a call from WoodLands TV channel, after discussing what they were interested in, they kindly requested to come along with their film crew and make a short film about our Classic Barns. Naturally we said yes, then went into action mode figuring out which job looked best, did the lads have new uniforms and what was the weather going to be like etc. Read more »

Hampshire Fetes

I feel there is something very nostalgic about village fetes, the feeling that your grandparents have been doing this sort of thing before you and yet very little has changed too much. Read more »

Comparing Quotations For Building Works

In this article we give you some pointers for when comparing quotes for timber framed buildings. All to often quotations are judged by price only, but this may not provide you with the full picture. So here’s some points that may serve you well with your comparisons: Read more »

Building A Timber Frame

We often get asked to design and build oak frames for accommodation uses. This type of building provides a wonderful environment to live in, the warmth and tactical feel an oak frame provides is incomparable to other materials. Read more »