Even More History On The Oak

Quercus Robur is the Latin name for the Oak tree and that means strength in Latin.

Which is why Oaks, Royalty, Kings & money seem to go hand in hand and why for hundreds of years Kings have used the emblem of an Oak tree to adorn coats of arms, money and even carved into their furniture.

One of the most well known oak tree stories happened in 1651, King Charles ll while escaping after the battle of Worcester hid in an oak tree to evade capture by the Roundheads, this then became known as the Royal Oak. These oak tree descendants still stand in the grounds of Boscobel House.

What is the 3rd most common pub name? Yes you guessed it Royal Oak. (Red lion and Crown if you wanted to know the top 2 names!)

When lady Jane Grey was beheaded after her family tried to put her on the throne it is rumored all her estates oak trees were ‘beheaded’ too!