Garden Buildings & Hideaways, Offices etc

There are few of us who at some point don’t dream of a secret hideaway at the bottom of the garden, be it a potting shed, summerhouse, children’s den or just somewhere to simply get away from it all. With the current economic crisis people are looking more to their own back yards to add to their property value and enhance their garden space.

Some of us have alternative needs, rather than planning a secret hideaway the focus is sometimes to gain the benefit of working from home without sacrificing space for a home office inside the home. Many are now looking to the garden to create this space, whatever your objective here are a few things to consider.

Detached sheds or summer houses or small buildings rarely need planning permission if kept under 15sq meters. They also must not be used as accommodation or for sleeping. If you are looking for a larger space, a two story building or an out-building to accommodate sleeping you will need to investigate more into building regulations and planning permissions with your local authorities.

There are of course many ways to enhance your properties current value, building a garden building is just one and it is important to choose a design that looks good with the style of your house, its also worth bearing in mind that using complimentary materials can add value to your property but also when you do want to sell it will create an interesting selling point to those interested in buying your property.

There are many wonderful oak framed structures on the market which complement lots of different house styles. Most of these oak hideaways are constructed in a workshop and taken to the site for erection, this relatively simple process assists the time scales of the build process which in turn means the sooner the building is ready the sooner you get to make the space yours – will it house your prize orchids, will it be the HQ to your new company or will it have surround sound and a bar, whatever the dream your ‘man cave’ or ‘girlie hideaway’ awaits you.