A History Of Oak

The history of the oak tree stems back in time throughout Europe where it was sacred to many communities like the ancient Greeks, Celts and the Druids who used oak as their sacred wood for burning at the summer sacrifice. Because of its qualities oak has had several important uses throughout history, it was highly valued in ship building as was it by furniture maker and of course its renowned use in constructing buildings. Even the oak trees bark had its value where it was used for tanning leather and its acorns were used for fattening pigs because they retained a rich food source.

The oak has not been without troubled moments in history. In the 1920’s insect damage began to noticeably harm the oak tress in many forests and by the mid 1920’s in some regions there were reports in the insect damage of large volumes of oaks. Nature corrected this decline with a reduction in insect volume in these areas which in turn brought an improvement back to these grand old trees.

Hundreds of varieties of oak have been discovered over the centuries and gardeners all over have long admired this beautiful giant. With its long swooping branches these grant old trees have taken pride of place in many gardens of stately homes. Builders have long admired the oaks incredible strength, when used in building the natural drying process in oak tightens the traditional tenon joints used thus making the structure tighter and stronger with time.