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Every oak framed building company differs, as does each client. Furthermore the clients aspirations and needs are underpinned by their budgetary requirements. For those who wish to have an oak frame that represents outstanding quality, one that is built with longevity in mind then here are some of the areas to look into.Of course anyone can claim their product is great but only few can demonstrate it and this is why we have released a video show casing the interior of a our Classic Barn frames, to further demonstrate how beautifully crafted an oak frame design can be.

Here are 5 examples of how we achieve this standard:

1) Over engineer the timbers; The first rule in making a beautiful oak frame is to generously cut all the timber sizes and to ensures each one is made from oak. This immediately brings an incomparable aesthetic that gives the presentation that wow factor. In fact all our beams and posts are chunky, even the studwork is made from oak.

2) Create an engineered foundation that is built to building regulations standards and then finished off with neatly presented brickwork. Ensure the frame is then bolted down into the brickwork at regularly intervals using stainless steel bars. Many builders neglect this hidden process or they use cheaper steel bars that reacts with the oak tannins and quickly rots in the fullness of time. The purpose of fixing your oak framed building to the foundation is to both control movement in high winds and during the oaks drying process. Something that only takes place long after completion, after the oak framing company has been paid.

3) Dovetail the oak studwork into the main frame; this is a physical integration of the two timbers often found in furniture building. Rather than simply screwing of nailing these timbers together a dovetail fitment is superior and one that controls movement during the drying process of the oak. The cladding is fitted to the studwork so it is another reason to craft the oak frame to this standard to control movement in these timbers.

4) Use traditional tiles that benefit from a curve or camber across its sides. This type of tile is more expensive that then uniform alternatives, but provides the oak building with a irregular finish across the roof that matches the traditional characteristics suited to an attractive oak building. In many cases the builder may lean towards the trimming of costs, but the client has to understand this against the price being shown.

5) Create curved features and chamfered carvings. It’s the little touches that make a well crafted oak building stand head and shoulders above the main stream, this is why we deploy an array of attractive carvings, mortise and tenon joints and chamfered detail throughout the entire oak frame.

You can see how these collective benefits; along with many others become crafted into our buildings by viewing this video.

How To Make Beautifully Crafted Oak Buildings – YouTube


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