One-Off Bespoke Oak Frames

From personal touches to interesting and wonderful creations, our bespoke service has the ability to test the design elements of oak. The secret to a successful bespoke project is not just in the appearance but in the ability to control costs and management, and this is where experience comes into play. Our team will sit down with you and spend time discussing what you have in mind and the usages intended for your bespoke build, this is very important as many factors may influence the design of your new build and for us to understand your vision enables us to portray your vision into the design.

Your designated project manager can deal with planning and design on your behalf or work alongside your architect if preferred. Our design service can employ all of the technical specifications incorporated in a bespoke frame and implement this efficiently throughout the cutting stages to deliver your project on time and to the accuracy that is required when dealing with the complexities of bespoke work. We can supply 3D models of your design so you can begin to see the building take its shape and make adjustments along the way to ensure it finishes just the way you intended the design to look. This is a useful process as we often find ideas can spur from being able to explore a building in 3D prior to building it on site.

We encourage seeking advice from the beginning. There are no obligations but it is important that you receive this advice from our team of framing specialists prior to committing funds towards planning and building regulations. This preferred route often ensures the efficiency of the frames components so that the project is both practical and cost effective. We can take care of the entire project so you can relax and watch your one-of-a- kind creation evolve.

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