Self Building an Oak Framed House

You can’t seem to switch channels on the TV without seeing a renovation, restoration or self build show, people seem to be getting braver in their choices of what to do with their houses, and many in this economic crisis have chosen instead of moving house to update, extend or completely knock down their houses & re-build them themselves.

Although it seems brave, and sometimes on TV very hard & problematic there are plenty of places to find information nowadays on how to self build and as self building rarely means you yourself building the house or being on site daily or even lifting a brick (less than 10% of building homes involve the owner actually picking up tools), it all seems a lot more achievable to us ordinary folk, not just a certain few.

The decision to self build however will still heavily involve you in some way as the owner especially in the early planning stages, finding a plot of land (if not already sitting on one) setting a budget, selecting a design, choosing an architect if needed, requiring the correct planning permission, & selecting a builder and possibly a site manager, all this can take a lot of time & it may seem an eternity before the first footings are dug, but rest assured the cost saving you could incur by self building can also be substantial if you plan, and stick to your budget well.

If you have the desire to self build, to go against the norm, the rewards can be outstanding whether you are building a traditional house or an architectural masterpiece it will be your unique house, your unique home, your legacy & that sense of achievement cannot be overlooked, imagine the monotony of housing if people never choose to self build?

2 bay room above oak framed garage copy