Winter Is Upon Us

As the winter falls upon us, the leaves on the great oak turn amber ready to fall from the tree, to unveil the magnificent structure, beauty and strength that the tree processes. The great oak can stand the test of time, an example would be the 800 – 1000 year old tree ‘Major Oak’ found in Sherwood forest, that folklore wood have us believe, Robin Hood used as shelter. We may not need to use oak trees to give us shelter from bandits anymore, but our beautiful Hampshire based oak barns can offer great shelter from the elements.

At the Classic Barn Company, we like to use more oak than many of our competitors and include extra features like our curved tie beams, this use of extra oak adds real style and class to the barns finish, which in turn provides our clients with a generous cross section of timber throughout. The overall presentation benefits from the increased volume of oak and we try to demonstrate this to all our clients with a detailed specification.

If your considering an oak framed building and embarking upon sifting your way through the masses of companies on the internet we can assist you by guiding you through the main differences in design, timber types and sizes as well as the different approaches to joinery construction. We understand everyone’s budget requirements are different so our objective is simple, to assist the client in understanding the product to enable them to make a well informed decision. The important element is that the client ends up making a decision that is right for them.