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Making High Quality Timber Garage Doors

As we wish to maintain the integrity of our Classic barn designs we try not to fall short on the joinery. Therefore we have written this piece to highlight the detail that goes in to the construction of our Classic barn doors. Read more »

One-Off Bespoke Oak Frames

From personal touches to interesting and wonderful creations, our bespoke service has the ability to test the design elements of oak. Read more »

Winter Is Upon Us

As the winter falls upon us, the leaves on the great oak turn amber ready to fall from the tree, to unveil the magnificent structure, beauty and strength that the tree processes. Read more »

Building Oak Barns In West Sussex

Over a decade has past since our team members started building oak barns in West Sussex, and what a fitting place to build such beautiful buildings as oak was once thought to be so common in Sussex Read more »

What Treatment Can I Use On Oak?

Oak is one of the most low maintenance woods used in construction, although when used for exterior purposes oak still reacts to the elements. Wind, rain, and sun all effect the wood in different ways, they can bring out the natural beauty of the wood but they do change the look of the wood over time. Many people don’t want their wood to change too much and depending on the mix of the elements depends on what colour your wood will turn. Read more »

Hampshire – Our Beautiful Local County

Here are a few little known and strange facts about the beautiful county of Hampshire.

Winchester was the capital of England until it was changed in the 12th Century to make London the capital. Alresford, boasts one of the main watercress production in the UK, they even have a watercress festival! Read more »

Finding A Building Plot Of Land

Sounds easy doesn’t it? find a plot of land and build your dream home without going over budget! Could it be this easy? Well that is a hard answer which some people have already faced, some people are living that dream but not all of us will follow their path, but we can have a good go at trying! Read more »

Even More History On The Oak

Quercus Robur is the Latin name for the Oak tree and that means strength in Latin.

Which is why Oaks, Royalty, Kings & money seem to go hand in hand and why for hundreds of years Kings have used the emblem of an Oak tree to adorn coats of arms, money and even carved into their furniture. Read more »

Self Building & Renovation Awards

If you have ever tried to establish what are the current self building trends? The answers is there are so many different styles it’s hard to pinpoint a particular trend. If you haven’t already, pop over and take a look at the readers of The Daily Telegraphs homebuilding & renovation awards, it’s the UK’s most prestigious award for renovators & self builders.

The short list has been chosen and some of the entrants are just fantastic, even if you don’t vote, spend a bit of time looking at the houses for inspiration. Read more »

Building From Timber, The Choices…

The choices are endless when looking at using timber in construction, and all the woods have their own distinct properties, strengths and weaknesses, all beautiful in their own right, wood can add such natural warmth and beauty to your home, inside and out. What type of wood would you use in your next home improvement or construction? Well here we’ll try and help you with some details about the most popular timbers used in the construction industry (alphabetically, no favoritism here and they all vary in prices) Read more »