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Self Build Projects, 5 Points To Think About…

Sourcing a plot – Sounds easier than you think, and after all the shows on TV people have become mad for self building in the UK and plots of land are few and far between, so think outside the box look at dilapidated properties with nice amounts of land that you could knock down & rebuild, or do what is becoming very popular, use theoriginal house shell as a template and utilize every space to remodel the whole look of the place, naturally this won’t have as much planning issues as complete new builds.There seems to be a lot of property’s being bought and divided, the original house and some of the land sold to one buyer and then part of the land sold off as a building plot with outline planning obtained.Tip: if it’s already happened to one house on the street it sets a precedence, meaning it’s more likely you will get similar planning permissions.

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Social Networking

Although we enjoy the hands on day to day crafting of our oak garages we recognise the benefits of spreading the word across the world wide web and engaging with customers and enthusiasts.

So we decided to launch The Classic Barn Company’s twitter, facebook and youtube platforms where we will be posting new projects, design tips and anything we can muster up which maybe of interest to our readers.

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A History Of Oak

The history of the oak tree stems back in time throughout Europe where it was sacred to many communities like the ancient Greeks, Celts and the Druids who used oak as their sacred wood for burning at the summer sacrifice. Because of its qualities oak has had several important uses throughout history, it was highly valued in ship building as was it by furniture maker and of course its renowned use in constructing buildings. Even the oak trees bark had its value where it was used for tanning leather and its acorns were used for fattening pigs because they retained a rich food source. Read more »

Listed Buildings

The classification of a Listed building, is any building or structure built before the 1700’s, or between 1700 and 1840, that is in good condition or close to original condition and that has been listed as interesting either historically or architecturally.

There are newer listed buildings, but for anything built after 1940 the building has to be very important or unique for it to be put forward as a listed building and has to be at least 30 years old to even be considered for listing. Listed buildings are graded as to historical importance, grade I, grade II*, and grade II. Read more »

Self Building an Oak Framed House

You can’t seem to switch channels on the TV without seeing a renovation, restoration or self build show, people seem to be getting braver in their choices of what to do with their houses, and many in this economic crisis have chosen instead of moving house to update, extend or completely knock down their houses & re-build them themselves.

Although it seems brave, and sometimes on TV very hard & problematic there are plenty of places to find information nowadays on how to self build and as self building rarely means you yourself building the house or being on site daily or even lifting a brick (less than 10% of building homes involve the owner actually picking up tools), it all seems a lot more achievable to us ordinary folk, not just a certain few. Read more »

Garden Buildings & Hideaways, Offices etc

There are few of us who at some point don’t dream of a secret hideaway at the bottom of the garden, be it a potting shed, summerhouse, children’s den or just somewhere to simply get away from it all. With the current economic crisis people are looking more to their own back yards to add to their property value and enhance their garden space.

Some of us have alternative needs, rather than planning a secret hideaway the focus is sometimes to gain the benefit of working from home without sacrificing space for a home office inside the home. Many are now looking to the garden to create this space, whatever your objective here are a few things to consider. Read more »

New 2012 Relaxed Planning Laws

This year to help the economic recovery in England, planning laws have been relaxed by the government, it is only on a temporary basis at the moment but one of the main rules being relaxed is that of extending domestic properties which may prove beneficial to a lot of home owners who want to improve or extend their property

Approx 200,000 people apply each year for planning permission to improve, extend or add to their domestic properties, these home owners often have to wait a number of months for their application to be looked at. Approx 90% of these applications end up being approved but the waiting can be frustrating for home owners and their building company. Read more »